Kahlo By The Fire

Kahlo By The Fire

by Mami Watu

To say that Kahlo walks, is to speak in limited terms of a limitless BEing. We think of it as walking.  We even go as far as to call these appearances at different times, in different spaces, steps.  Seated around the fire, as we are now, we speak quietly of how Kahlo stepped to us, at this turn of  the third moon.

Our tones are low, strident, and filled with excitement as we click-speak to one another, as one.  The crab-like appendages extending from our arms, open and close rapidly as we try to impress upon Kahlo the importance of this step, this time.

All of this theater is ultimately unnecessary, as Kahlo knows good and well the reason for this step.  There is no such thing as stepping into the unknown.  Where Kahlo is from, where Kahlo IS, all things are known.  To know, is to BE…all ways, at all times.  I find myself drawn to this way. Seated around the fire, as we are now, the FireKeepers have asked me to absorb, and so I extend my tentacles, to join with all present, even Kahlo.   I am able to know as they know, but only for this moment.

Some, who have performed this duty, have found it to be an overwhelming of the senses, but I find this washing to be comforting.  I feel like I BElong to this present moment, completely.  Kahlo is thinking now, in waves. Wondering if we truly believe in the altruism of our motives, as deeply as we are presenting them.  I absorb this wonder, and pass it along to the FireKeepers.  A resounding, sensory silence follows.

And then, we seek to know, “Are we being judged?”  In giving this thought to Kahlo, I receive a simultaneous response.  “You are being asked to judge your own intuitions.  You have called me here, to help you gain footing, in a space that is not yours.  Because, you say, those EXISTing in this space are themselves interlopers.  You say, they are cruel to all that IS and do not deserve to BE.  So, I ask you, is your intuition to survive, or to conquer?”  My mind is opening, as Kahlo continues, “The answer to this QUESTion, leads me not to a judgement of your ALL, rather, it will show me which hand of evolution to extend.”

I want to get closer to Kahlo.  Not just to Kahlo, but closer to the ALL of those words just uttered.  There is a void in the moment, as the FireKeepers intuit.  In this breath, I push my perceptions forward, towards Kahlo.  I breathe back in, what I have pushed out and find it has changed. My perception has evolved.  I absorb this evolution, savor it for an eye-blink, and then I weave it, like a sensory quilt.  I wrap the knowing of the FireKeepers in this warmth.  And together, we absorb the shivers of our ALL, as we expand.

As I gracefully retract my tentacles, I send my gratitude forward to both Kahlo and to the FireKeepers.  From the ALL of my own, I am brushed by the sentiments of ,”New beginnings…”.  From Kahlo, I hear whisperings of, “…the 780th step.”.  From You, I sense, “Let it BE…”.  And so, we shall.

c2015 dietramalik@gmail.com


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