wordpress haiku #66

Mercury, Saturn…

Venus, Jupiter and Mars…

Guide us by Your light… //

Merkur, Saturn… Venus, Jupiter und Mars…Führe uns durch Dein Licht.

All five bright planets will appear together in the morning sky from about January 20 to February 20, 2016. That hasn’t happened since 2005.

Source: See all five bright planets simultaneously! | EarthSky.org


Kahlo and the Baskets of Fish

It was true what they said about Him, this fisher of men. Skin of heated bronze, black hair tightly curled like a lamb’s wool. Also what they didn’t say. Dark eyes that pierced The Veil. Compassionate smile drawing everyone to His feet.  Noteworthy hands, that wanted to feed, and work, and heal. It was all true. Then there’s The-One-Called-On-To-Help, aka Kahlo

Past, present, future are a flat playing field for Kahlo. This step number 13 is/was/will be a cool memory. A memory saved for times like this. To be played out for sustenance, in times of hunger. But, back to Him. Known to be a rebel, a renegade, His thoughts were insightful and His words were inciteful. He challenged all perceptions of what others held to be real. It was innate, this desire to blend the realities. He challenged the people, and when it all came together, He entertained them…without a doubt.  So, the people came.

On this step, in this memory, when Kahlo was called by Him, there was a need for food. The people were coming…and coming…and they must be fed. This feeding of the people was not only important for their bodies, it was important that they know there was One or Some who cared that they eat. SomeOne who cared. It was a fundamental human need, He told Kahlo, to know that one’s life matters. His teaching would have meaning, He told Kahlo, because the people will know that they matter to SomeOne and to each other.

These teachings were not new to Kahlo. However, never had it failed, that each time a One had arisen to share this blending of truths, of realities, of the hope to fill the hunger of others, there would always, ultimately be a Crushing.  For Kahlo, Hunger and Abundance are equals. On every plane of existence, we can be full while hungering, and hunger in times of fullness.  But Kahlo overstood what He wanted. He wanted Kahlo to fish for the people. The call was from the heart, so Kahlo stepped…

Reaching deep into the sea, into the streams of consciousness of all of those gathered there surrounding Him, Kahlo began to fill their baskets with fish.  Fresh fish of the sea; jumping and flapping in their baskets. Rainbows of color glinting off their scaly bodies. The sun, still captured in their wide-open eyes. Kahlo gleaned what was already there, while He, fed the people. And this too is true, the people ate and left with baskets still overflowing.

Such a cool memory, this rising of SomeOne. Especially now, when so many whose baskets are full, still hunger… and so many who hunger, have forgotten how to fish in the streams of their own consciousness, to be fulfilled. As for Kahlo, nothing remains, except the next step. Number seven hundred and eighty-two…

(by Mami Watu 2016)