Kahlo & the Winchesters (A Supernatural Fanfiction Short Story)

“Sam, the legs are too long.  We’re gonna have to accordion this monstrosity, if we have any hopes of makin it fit.” And even then, Dean wasn’t sure if he and his brother would be able to transport this creature back to the bunker.

“Maybe, if we can ‘sense’ it our predicament, it may have the power to adjust itself to fit.”  Which, Sam thought, would be very cool to witness.  “Okay, Kreskin. Make me a believer.”  By this time, Dean didn’t really care how they got it done…as long as they got it done.  Kahlo could teleport back to the bunker for all Dean cared, although given the injury the creature had sustained, teleporting was out of the question.  It was gonna be up to Baby.

‘Baby’, is the name given to the 1967 Chevrolet Impala that Sam and Dean Winchester canvas the country in – saving people and hunting things.  In this line of work, one encounters the inexplicable on the daily.  It’s the family business, so to speak.  But even for the brothers, Kahlo is a first.  As giant as a Sequoia Redwood; as supple as a skein of silk.  There is nothing remotely human about Kahlo, which makes explaining the waves of compassion that Dean feels rolling towards him, whenever he’s within striking distance of Kahlo, difficult to explain.  It was precisely this heat – this raw, unfiltered emotion – that drew Dean to Kahlo, earlier, in the heat of battle…and even now as Kahlo lay stretched out before them, for what seemed like miles.

Sam squatted beside Kahlo, who had fallen perpendicular across the backwater Louisiana road.  If anyone happened by, they would think that the brothers’ car was blocked by a fallen tree.  It wasn’t.  Sam flashed back to the scene that he and his brother Dean had just survived.  They had been following a lead, in their search for the Darkness…also known as Amara…the Sister of God.  They had hit a rough patch, both in their search for Amara and in their day-to-day rhythm of being together.  Sam knew the latter was the effect of the former.  Amara was his brother’s Achilles Heel, a position formerly occupied by him.  Sam wasn’t jealous, he was curious.  He wondered if this feminine aspect of God had presented ItSelf to his brother as a woman, in order to make ItSelf more accessible to him – given Dean’s proclivity for the ‘tender gender’, as he called them.  Or, did God know, what no one else had figured out, that Dean worshiped at the altar of The Feminine Mystique.

Kahlo moved.  Sam looked down and placed his hand on the part of the creature nearest  him.  He smiled, he didn’t know why, but he laughed out loud.  “What’s the joke Kreskin?”, Dean asked as he walked up.  “Does this thing have jokes, or what?”  Sam wasn’t sure how to answer.  He didn’t know if those last thoughts were coming from him, or to him.  “I, uh, think I’m making some progress.”, he stammered.  He allowed his thoughts to float, like before.  Only, this time, he kept in the present.  He thought about wanting to get back to the bunker; about wanting to get the creature to safety; about the size of the Impala; and about the size of the creature.  Just for good measure, he even threw in a vision of Dean carrying out the accordion maneuver that he had suggested earlier.

Kahlo had sensed enough from this mind.  Seven hundred and eighty-one previous steps into  worlds known and unknown had honed an already Bild perfekt sense of self-preservation.  Instead of waiting to be folded up, chopped up, or left behind as some other hunter’s problem, Kahlo shifted.  Kahlo became Baby.  Became this sleek, black metal machine.  Became a 1967 Chevy Impala.  Kahlo hummed, and it was good.  Dean and Sam looked at each other, eyes wide…  “What the…”, Sam began. Dean interrupted,  whistling low under his breath.  “It’s a shifter!”  he spat out, incredulously.  Sam wasn’t so sure.  “I think it’s a lot more than that, Dean”, he said cautiously.  “I think what we have here, is an ally in our fight against the Darkness.”  Dean liked the sound of Sam’s words.  Up until this point, he knew that the brothers were waging a losing battle, and Amara’s pull on him was growing steadily stronger.  “Well then,” Sam opened the passenger door, “Let’s see what’s ahead on this road.”

Dean climbed in behind the wheel.  Kahlo sensed immediately that Dean was the object of this 782nd step.  What lay ahead on this road, as Sam had so aptly put it, was for Dean to learn to travel between the worlds of Light and Dark, with more grace than he had exhibited thus far.  These brothers had been hunting evil for the past ten years, but there were still huge gaps in their development as spiritual beings.  Amara, incarnated as the Sister Of God, is determined to see those gaps filled…and so she has called Kahlo to the task…and Kahlo has stepped.

Kahlo fallen


6 thoughts on “Kahlo & the Winchesters (A Supernatural Fanfiction Short Story)

    1. In addition to wanting to write a story set in the SPN world, i also enjoy writing adventures for this Kahlo character – who appears at different points in time…in different spaces… Each adventure is called a ‘step’… bottom line, i’m having fun 🙂

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