wordpress haiku #94

full moon fits my head /

waist wrapped in venus’s belt /

i strut the night skies…

Vollmond passt mir den Kopf /

Taille in Venus Gürtel gewickelt /

Ich strecke den Nachthimmel…






wordpress haiku #81

eagle nebula /

o, pillars of creation /

sagittarian sky …



The awesome beauty of the Eagle Nebula

wordpress haiku #80

Ariadne’s crown /

Corona Borealis /

lift our eyes to you…

Krone der Ariadne /

Corona Borealis /

heben unsere Augen nach Sie…

Star of the week: Alphecca


wordpress haiku #79

it’s summer solstice /

the red phoenix is rising /

unchain your laughter.

es ist Sommersonnenwende /

der rote Phönix steigt /

befreien dein Lachen.

A Chinese perspective on summer

wordpress haiku #78

virgo’s brightest star…

spica basks in the moon’s glare…

we absorb your strength…


der hellste Stern von virgo …

Spica sonnt sich im grellen Licht des Mondes …

Wir nehmen deine Stärke …


This evening – June 14, 2016 – the moon couples up with Spica, Virgo’s brightest star. But the moon is heading toward bright Mars.

Source: Moon and Spica on June 14 | EarthSky.org

haiku #76

caught in my own reflection /

between Saturn and the Sun /

i yield … to repetition…


in meiner eigenen Reflektion gefangen /

zwischen Saturn und der Sonne /

ich gebe zu … zu Wiederholung …


June 2-3, 2016 is the night of Saturn’s opposition. This world is now opposite the sun in Earth’s sky. How to see Saturn and enjoy it as its best!

Source: Earth goes between sun and Saturn tonight | EarthSky.org

wordpress haiku #74: blue moon and red mars / hail Yemaya…hail Shango / opposites attract… Blue Moon and red Mars on May 21 | Tonight | EarthSky

The moon is blue in name only, but spectacular near the red planet Mars tonight, just one day before Mars’ first opposition in two years!

Source: Blue Moon and red Mars on May 21 | Tonight | EarthSky

wordpress haiku #66

Mercury, Saturn…

Venus, Jupiter and Mars…

Guide us by Your light… //

Merkur, Saturn… Venus, Jupiter und Mars…Führe uns durch Dein Licht.

All five bright planets will appear together in the morning sky from about January 20 to February 20, 2016. That hasn’t happened since 2005.

Source: See all five bright planets simultaneously! | EarthSky.org