Plastic Bag Caught in Tree Branches

plastic birds

     caught in trees


     by the breeze

          unendowed with a song


     yet strong

plastic birds

     you will flutter

          long after atomic sirens have been uttered


Click Here to Download Full Resolution Image Free high resolution photo of what’s left of a plastic bag caught in the branches of a winter tree.

Source: Plastic Bag Caught in Tree Branches

wordpress haiku #81

eagle nebula /

o, pillars of creation /

sagittarian sky …



The awesome beauty of the Eagle Nebula

wordpress haiku #80

Ariadne’s crown /

Corona Borealis /

lift our eyes to you…

Krone der Ariadne /

Corona Borealis /

heben unsere Augen nach Sie…

Star of the week: Alphecca


wordpress haiku #79

it’s summer solstice /

the red phoenix is rising /

unchain your laughter.

es ist Sommersonnenwende /

der rote Phönix steigt /

befreien dein Lachen.

A Chinese perspective on summer

wordpress haiku #78

virgo’s brightest star…

spica basks in the moon’s glare…

we absorb your strength…


der hellste Stern von virgo …

Spica sonnt sich im grellen Licht des Mondes …

Wir nehmen deine Stärke …


This evening – June 14, 2016 – the moon couples up with Spica, Virgo’s brightest star. But the moon is heading toward bright Mars.

Source: Moon and Spica on June 14 |

haiku #76

caught in my own reflection /

between Saturn and the Sun /

i yield … to repetition…


in meiner eigenen Reflektion gefangen /

zwischen Saturn und der Sonne /

ich gebe zu … zu Wiederholung …


June 2-3, 2016 is the night of Saturn’s opposition. This world is now opposite the sun in Earth’s sky. How to see Saturn and enjoy it as its best!

Source: Earth goes between sun and Saturn tonight |

wordpress haiku #75

Oya. Kali. change.

full lips of a hurricane.

kiss the past goodbye.

Hurricane Katrina1

Oya. Kali. Veränderung.

volle Lippen eines Hurrikans.

Kuss der Vergangenheit zu verabschieden.


Now, early in the season, is the time to make a plan to stay safe if a hurricane approaches your area.

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