wordpress haiku #112

before the ast’roid,

our Moon showed the way to Mars…

i chose Earth instead.

stars and clouds at nighttime
Photo by Arnie Chou on Pexels.com

Vor dem Asteroiden,

zeigte unser Mond den Weg zum Mars…

Ich habe stattdessen die Erde gewählt.


wordpress haiku 101

once in a Blue Moon /

slim odds for a miracle /

except when there’re two…


alle Jubeljahre /

geringe Chancen für ein Wunder /

außer wenn es zwei sind…







Kahlo & The Flood Waters- A flash fiction

It was a wee, small voice being ripped to shreds by the wind; being dragged under by a careless tide that pulled Kahlo into step number 785.  The purity of it.  Concentric circles swirling in rainbow colors, like cotton candy cocooning the child.  From the middle, a feeble voice calling Kahlo’s name.

It didn’t take much to reach the babe.  Just two languid steps. Precise and unhurried.  One in an atmosphere beaucoup light years away; another on this quickly disappearing earth.  The unslackened thirst of the flood waters swallowed everything and everyone whole.  But this little whimsy of a child, with tubes still taped to its skin, tubes that had earlier undoubtedly connected it to some life-saving machine, had the presence of spirit to call for Kahlo.  Ancestral memory has been known to save a people.

Kahlo raised the infant above the crescent of the next wave.  As the waters crashed against them, crystallized images of every past and future life of the small one danced around them, in technicolor.  The flood waters became a tarot spread, that showed Kahlo everything.  Who the child was in this present moment; who the child had been before; and who the child would become was all revealed.  Kahlo was humbled by it all.

“You are my mirror.” Kahlo whispered gently into its tiny ear.  It had been 784 steps, and this was the first child of Dagara that Kahlo had ever met! Surely this was a sign.  Kahlo could not wait to return home, to consult the water shrine.  But that would take even more light years.  By then, this foundling of the water would be an ancestral memory itself.

The baby was eventually found by community rescue workers. It lay on high ground; it was shriveled and tucked safely amongst windswept branches, leaves, rocks and other debris forming a sort of natural bunker.  News reporters spoke of “Maria’s miracle child”.  Everyone wondered who the baby was and where it had come from.  It would be some time before all of that would be very publicly sorted out.  Questions surrounding health care for the poor and vulnerable would be asked and addressed, and things would change.  For Kahlo, to have had the chance to see oneSelf…one’s Soul…in the eyes of another outside of home, was the takeaway.

“To know for sure, that I am not alone in this vast space made up of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.”  Kahlo’s thoughts were meditations.  They were the fodder that fueled the next step.  Number 786.



Plastic Bag Caught in Tree Branches

plastic birds

     caught in trees


     by the breeze

          unendowed with a song


     yet strong

plastic birds

     you will flutter

          long after atomic sirens have been uttered


Click Here to Download Full Resolution Image Free high resolution photo of what’s left of a plastic bag caught in the branches of a winter tree.

Source: Plastic Bag Caught in Tree Branches

wordpress haiku #81

eagle nebula /

o, pillars of creation /

sagittarian sky …



The awesome beauty of the Eagle Nebula

wordpress haiku #80

Ariadne’s crown /

Corona Borealis /

lift our eyes to you…

Krone der Ariadne /

Corona Borealis /

heben unsere Augen nach Sie…

Star of the week: Alphecca


wordpress haiku #79

it’s summer solstice /

the red phoenix is rising /

unchain your laughter.

es ist Sommersonnenwende /

der rote Phönix steigt /

befreien dein Lachen.

A Chinese perspective on summer