wordpress haiku #75

Oya. Kali. change.

full lips of a hurricane.

kiss the past goodbye.

Hurricane Katrina1

Oya. Kali. Veränderung.

volle Lippen eines Hurrikans.

Kuss der Vergangenheit zu verabschieden.


Now, early in the season, is the time to make a plan to stay safe if a hurricane approaches your area.

Source: Are you prepared for a hurricane? | EarthSky.org

wordpress haiku #74: blue moon and red mars / hail Yemaya…hail Shango / opposites attract… Blue Moon and red Mars on May 21 | Tonight | EarthSky

The moon is blue in name only, but spectacular near the red planet Mars tonight, just one day before Mars’ first opposition in two years!

Source: Blue Moon and red Mars on May 21 | Tonight | EarthSky


great balls o’ fire!

crashing to our earth…

13,000 tons of TNT…

9.6 miles per second…

swallowed by the Atlantic…

Chango, god of Fire is reborn.




große Kugeln o ‘Feuer!

Absturz auf unsere Erde …

13.000 Tonnen TNT …

9,6 Meilen pro Sekunde …

vom Atlantik verschluckt …

Chango, Gott des Feuers ist wiedergeboren .